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All Svetsakademin’s training courses are high quality. You can read about this in more detail in the information for each  training course.


Svetsakademin offers specialist higher education in welding and steel construction.
It is a recognized brand in Scandinavia, and Svetsakademin trainings meet international standards.

VISION AND MISSION: Worldwide Welding Knowledge

Our education is distinguished by high quality and international character.

We work with the most experienced inspectors, engineers and practitioners from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and now also from Poland.

Svetsakademin’s mission is to unite the knowledge of international practitioners in one place and deliver it to markets in Scandinavia and Europe. Svetsakademin begins its training on the Polish market, realizing its goal: to become the largest educational company in Europe in theoterical welding!

Our education

What do participants say about Svetsakademin?

Since it was founded in 2011, Svetsakademin has trained and qualified hundreds of people in the field of welding. These people are not just welders, but can now assume the title of welding specialists, welding inspectors, production managers, supervisors, project managers, designers and/or assembly managers in steel construction. We are proud of our fantastic training course participants and their reviews of our courses.

When is it right for you to attend a course? Here you will find our education calendar

“Finally an overall approach to welding”

“Now we can eliminate problems based on idiotic action”

“Not only assume the title of welders, but also take pride in it”

“The company can deal with customers in a more professional way now we know what we’re talking about”

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Upcoming training courses



Training Training language Week Application deadline Start Place Application
ISO 3834 34 2021-08-10 2021-08-24 Gothenburg/Online ISO 3834
International Welding Specialist (IWS) 36 2021-08-26 2021-09-08 Gothenburg/Online Designer
Assembly Manager ML-N (normal art) 36 2021-08-28 2021-09-10 Gothenburg/Online IWS
Certified Assembly Manager ML-N 45 2021-09-26 2021-10-08 Stockholm/Online ML-N
Certified Assembly Manager ML-K 49 2021-10-29 2021-11-12 Gothenburg/Online ML-N